Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why go solar?

Now that we have some idea about the cost of installing solar energy systems on your roof, WHY exactly would you spend all that money installing it in your house? Lets take a look at few advantages of installing solar...

Solar electricity is clean, green and even “free.” It will reduce your family or business’s green house gas emissions, which have been proven to contribute to global climate change. Sunlight is a renewable resource, unlike coal, oil and natural gas, the supplies of which are constantly depleting. With solar power, you’re strengthening our National Security by reducing our Nation’s dependence on foreign sources of energy.
Beyond these environmental and energy security benefits, converting to solar energy makes great economic sense. With solar energy, you bypass the rising utility rates and buy 20 years worth of electricity at a fixed rate that cannot increase. A solar electric system will also add substantial value to your home or business, and most states have legislation in place that prevents solar electric systems from increasing property taxes.
The following factors drive today’s booming residential and commercial solar power markets:
  • Rising Energy Costs and Utility Rates
  • Desire for Energy security and National energy independence
  • Concerns about Environmental Pollution and Global Climate Change
  • Uncertainty about the reliability of the Electric Power Grid
  • Threats to Centralized Utility Power from Weather Disasters and Terrorism
While these points are not just concerns but also good reasons that one should think about going solar.

Want another reason to go solar?
Federal, State and Local Tax Incentives
Shorten Pay-Back Period for Solar Energy Systems
  • Control Your Energy Costs
  • Near Zero Net Electric Bills
  • Excellent investment payback (typically 4-8 years)
  • Tremendous return on investments - typically 8-12% ROI (guaranteed)
  • Availability of financing options (PPA)
Some sources where you can find out how much tax credit and other incentives you can receive for installing solar systems in your house or business: source1, DOE, Energy Efficient Mortgages, stimulus bill tax credit

In my opinion buying a solar home system is like planting an acre of trees or preventing tons and tons of CO2 emission.

More reasons to go solar with environmental facts...
  • A typical 4 kilowatt Solar System will reduce a home or business’s carbon foot print by 10,960 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, or 128,000 pounds (164 tons) over the 30-year life of the solar modules. These figures are based on PEPCO's analysis of their carbon fuels mix used to generate electric power in their service area.  
  • The 164 tons of carbon saved equals the CO2 reduction achieved by planting 2.18 acres of trees. 
  • Most properties don't have 2 acres to cover with trees, but many do have unshaded rooftops or open land facing south. 
  • According to the EPA, if one million families added solar electric systems to their homes, CO2 emissions would decrease by 4.3 million tons per year, which is roughly equivalent to taking 850,000 cars off the road. 
  • Adding solar energy to your home and/or business equals doing your part to prevent ongoing and future pollution.
It is clear to see how much impact we have in our environment and the way we can change it.

Source: Click Here


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